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Will Dyson

1880 - 1938

Hollywood – The Magnate ‘And one thing I’ll never stand for – impure films’ by Will Dyson

Hollywood – The Magnate ‘And one thing I’ll never stand for – impure films’   c.1931

  Original drypoint.
Signed and titled in pencil.
S 294 x 405 mm; P & I 215 x 302 mm
Original Will Dyson drypoint.

Superb signed proof impression with rich drypoint burr. Scarce.

Will Dyson’s original drypoint works mocking the hypocrisy and moral values of Hollywood and its movie moguls are amongst the most sought-after and most scarce of all of his printed works. Amongst these, The Magnate is undoubtedly Will Dyson’s strongest statement of his jaundiced views. Only one other impression of this scathing image has been recorded which was at Ferargil Gallery’s New York exhibition of Will Dyson’s works in 1931, when it was exhibited under the title The Magnate: “No my dears, one thing I have never stood for and that is impurity in my films”.

This cynical image is typical of the biting satirical works by the Australian artist Will Dyson. Will Dyson had come to London in 1910 and it was here that he achieved his reputation through satirical cartoons and caricatures for the Labour newspaper The Daily Herald. However, aside from his commercial work, he was a gifted engraver and original printmaker who produced a highly distinctive body of biting polemics in his printed works. After returning to Australia for a few years, Will Dyson travelled back to London via America between 1930 and 1931, exhibiting a series of satirical drypoints, Our Moderns, in New York, St Louis and London to great acclaim. Once back in London he rejoined The Daily Herald, remaining with the paper until he died, lonely and disillusioned with both cartooning and society, at the age of only 58.

On soft simile Japan paper with full margins. One small expert repair at the lower left corner of image, otherwise very good condition.