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Edgar Holloway

1914 - 2008

The Caravaners by Edgar Holloway

The Caravaners   1930

  Original drypoint.
Signed in pencil; also signed with monogram, titled and dated in the plate.
Ref: not known to Meyrick
S 294 x 232 mm; P & I 195 x 177 mm
Original Edgar Holloway drypoint.

Excellent signed proof impression of this previously unrecorded original drypoint.

One of Edgar Holloway’s earliest printed works, The Caravaners dates from 1930, the year in which Edgar Holloway created his first significant group of original prints at the age of only sixteeen. During this year he produced around 30 original drypoints, the majority of which depict views in and around North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Edgar Holloway’s father owned a picture framing shop in Doncaster and upon discovering that he could sell his son’s works, in 1929, his father bought him a proper etching press and the materials for printmaking. During 1930, father and son made excursions together around Yorkshire and Lincolnshire making drawings and drypoints for sale in the shop. By the end of the year Edgar Holloway’s father sent a selection of his son’s drypoints to the doyen print critic of the day, Malcolm Salaman. Salaman arranged for Edgar Holloway’s drypoint of The Hayfield to be published in The Studio of November 1930 and showed the young Holloway’s works to James McBey who was equally enthusiastic. By the end of 1931 Edgar Holloway had been given a one-man show at the prestigious Twenty-One Gallery in London and his standing as a gifted original printmaker was already established.

On cream laid paper, with full margins and deckle edge. White paper tape at extreme edges of sheet. Very fine original condition.