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John Petts

1914 – 1991

[A Welsh Cottage] by John Petts

[A Welsh Cottage]   1959

  Original monotype, printed in colours.
Signed and dated in pencil.
S 363 x 481mm; I 281 x 402 mm
Unique. A monotype is effectively a one-off printed painting. The painting is made on a smooth flat plate, usually glass or metal, and then printed onto paper in a manner similar to a woodblock or any other surface printing process. Although it is sometimes possible to take one or two further impressions, these are invariably weak and distorted, being mere shadows of the unique first print – any later impressions (if taken at all) are often referred to as maculatures, a term more accurately used to describe impressions taken from an engraved plate to remove the ink before inking afresh. This impression is the unique monotype taken first from the freshly painted plate. John Petts appears to have added further hand working to the impression after the print had been pulled. A very successful, strong example of this style of printmaking, with rich, unfaded colours.

On smooth cream wove paper with full margins, as prepared by the artist. Mat line in outer margins from previous mount. One small star shaped perforation at extreme lower edge of image, otherwise generally very good original condition.