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Sir Frank Short

1857 - 1945

’Twixt Dawn and Day by Frank Short

’Twixt Dawn and Day   1919

  Original aquatint.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Hardie 165 ii/ii
S 285 x 362 mm; P & I 227 x 293 mm
Superb signed proof impression. A particularly beautiful example, the ink wiped with exceptional care to produce subtle variations in lighting throughout the image.

This masterly aquatint is one of the very finest of Frank Short’s works in the medium. The artist’s exquisite handling of light in this remarkable aquatint is without parallel. He has succeeded in depicting the delicate effect of the first light of dawn as the sun begins to rise. The first birds have appeared in the sky and the moon is still up. The hot breath of a cow clouds into steam in the chill morning air. In order to achieve these remarkable effects, great care would have been needed in the inking and printing of every proof impression from this plate. The result is a masterpiece in its own right.

On warm white wove paper with margins. Mild time tone in outer margins of sheet, otherwise very fine original condition. Image surface excellent.