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Sir Frank Short

1857 - 1945

Berry Pomeroy Castle by Frank Short

Berry Pomeroy Castle   1885

  Etching after J.M.W. Turner
Signed with monogram in the plate.
Ref: Hardie 10, etched state.
S 267 x 367 mm; P 227 x 302 mm; I 194 x 270 mm
One of a maximum of 36 impressions printed in the etched state, prior to the addition of mezzotint. Excellent impression printed in dark brown ink, with pronounced etched line.

Apart from his original works, Sir Frank Short produced some of the most inspired mezzotint interpretations of the work of earlier British masters, in particular, after the works of J.M.W. Turner. Indeed, the greatest undertaking in his printed work was to extend and complete Turner’s Liber Studiorum as it had been projected originally by the great artist. This early state of Berry Pomeroy Castle shows one of the plates which Frank Short produced for this project in its earliest form, before the additional of the tonal values produced by mezzotint engraving.

On cream laid paper with full margins and deckle edge. Minor surface dirt, otherwise generally good original condition.