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Theodore Casimir Roussel

1847 - 1926

Portrait of Miss Joan Swinburne by Theodore Casimir Roussel

Portrait of Miss Joan Swinburne   1914

  Original drypoint.
Signed in pencil on the tab.
Ref: Hausberg 112 iii/iv
S, P & I 179 x 128 mm (excluding tab)
Unique proof impression. Outstanding impression with exceptionally rich drypoint burr, printed with considerable plate tone and signed in pencil on the tab in Theodore Roussel’s characteristic manner. The only recorded proof in Hausberg’s 3rd state of the plate - a truly superb proof impression with the image freshly completed and with the artist’s drypoint signature, but before the date in the plate. Hausberg records a total printing of 22 impressions from this plate.

Commissioned by the sitter’s mother, this exceptional drypoint portrait of the young Joan Swinburne was a rare instance of T.C.Roussel being commissioned as a printmaker. This exceptional proof impression, reflects the extraordinary personal attention which Theodore Roussel devoted to obtaining perfection in printing his plates.

On fine simile-Japan paper. Excellent original condition.