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Sir Frank Short

1857 - 1945

Sunrise O’er Whitby Scaur by Frank Short

Sunrise O’er Whitby Scaur   1899

  Original aquatint.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Hardie 156
S 282 x 369 mm; P & I 210 x 319 mm
Signed proof impression printed on vellum.

One of the most best known of all of Sir Frank Short’s masterly aquatint views. The atmospheric effect which Frank Short has achieved in this view from the beach at Whitby is an outstanding demonstration of the artist’s skill using the pure aquatint medium. This aquatint was based upon a watercolour drawing by Frank Short, now in the British Museum.

After printing this edition, Frank Short cut away large sections from the metal plate of this aquatint to leave one small square section which he used as an illustration for the book, Etchings and Engravings by Frank Short (published by the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers in 1911 and subsequently by the Print Collectors’ Club, London in 1952). The small detail from this plate was used as an example of spirit grounded aquatint.

On vellum with margins. Various minor defects, mild discolouration at edges of sheet. Some wrinkling to the vellum .