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Vernon Hill

1887 - 1953

[Invocation – design for the Everlasting Lovers] by Vernon Hill

[Invocation – design for the Everlasting Lovers]   c.1918

  Original etching.
S 328 x 242 mm; P & I 178 x 157 mm
Original Vernon Hill etching.

Unique trial proof impression printed in pale brown ink.

A particularly clear impression of this strange allegorical etching, displaying every etched detail of the freshly completed plate. The artist has printed this trial proof with the plate thoroughly inked and under considerable pressure from the press, in order to bring out the detail of every line and mark insized into the plate’s surface.

Printed on an uneven sheet of proofing paper with full margins and uneven deckle edge. The extreme pressure of printing has caused a short hairline fracture in the platemark at the upper edge of the plate. Very fine original condition.