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Vernon Hill

1887 - 1953

In the Path of War – Stoodly Pike by Vernon Hill

In the Path of War – Stoodly Pike   c.1916

  Original etching.
S 192 x 243 mm; P & I 99 x 147 mm
Original Vernon Hill etching.

Artist’s trial proof impression of this very rare etching.

At a time when the world witnessed the greatest loss of human life ever seen through war, it is not surprising that Vernon Hill should have chosen to depict this subject. There is an implicit sense of irony to this symbolic image – beyond the monument to peace and to the heroes of a past conflict rises a plume of smoke, marking the trail of death and destruction left by the conquering army seen on its weary advance into the distance. History has an unfortunate way of repeating itself.

Stoodly Pike stands high on the rocks above Todmorden in Lancashire – the original monument was erected to commemorate the surrender of Paris to the allies in 1814.

Excellent impression printed on cream laid paper with full margins and deckle edge. Very fine original condition.