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Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

1890 - 1978

Anaïs II by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

Anaïs II   1930

  Original etching.
Signed and inscribed in pencil.
Ref: Wright 67 iv/viii; Fletcher 67 iv/viii
S 367 x 281 mm; P & I  226 x 176 mm
Original G.L.Brockhurst etching.

One of G.L. Brockhurst’s finest portraits of his first wife, Anaïs, this outstanding etching is a stunning display of the artist’s consummate craftsmanship as an etcher. Worked in meticulous detail through a dense web of fine etched line, this masterpiece of etching technique displays the artist’s exceptional natural gift for the handling of light and shade, contour, and texture.

Entirely self-taught in the art of etching, G.L. Brockhurst perfected a form of stipple-like technique through which he achieved an astonishing finish which remains unsurpassed in its brilliance. In this elaborate work the artist has delighted in every variety of texture, from the model’s skin and long flowing hair to the the varied fabrics of her dress, in order to display his absolute mastery of etching technique.

This portrait was begun as a painting in 1919 and the Pre-Raphaelite overtones of Brockhurst’s early works are clearly apparent. The subject was later developed into this masterpiece of etching over a decade later, when Brockhurst was at the peak of his powers at an etcher.

A superb impression with strong, clear line. On cream wove paper with full margins.