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Sir Francis Seymour Haden

1818 - 1910

Dundrum River by Francis Seymour Haden

Dundrum River   1863

  Original etching.
Ref: Schneiderman 46b ii/iv; Harrington 49 i/ii
S 263 x 176 mm; P & I 152 x 141 mm
Original Francis Seymour Haden etching.

Excellent, bright impression in the second state, with particularly clear, strong line. As printed by F. Goulding for publication in Fine Arts Quarterly Review in 1867. As with most impressions in this state, the faint etched inscription (which the plate would still have carried at this time) has not been inked up and is not visible on this impression.

Originally the right-hand portion of a large plate which was divided to produce both The Two Asses and this image. There are no known extent impressions of the plate before this division.

The view shows the Dundrum or Multeen River where it meanders through the estate of the Viscount of Hawarden in Tipperary, Southern Ireland. Francis Seymour Haden repeated this view on a slightly smaller scale to create his masterpiece of etching and drypoint, A Sunset in Ireland.

On firm warm white wove paper, with margins as issued. Lefthand edge of sheet ragged where once stitched into binding, otherwise fine condition. Image surface excellent.