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Clifford Addams

1876 - 1942

A Cardinalís Palace, Venice by Clifford Addams

A Cardinalís Palace, Venice   c.1914

  Original etching with drypoint.
Titled in pencil.
Ref: Hausberg 10 i/v
S 290 x 219 mm; P & I 274 x 192 mm
Original Clifford Addams etching with drypoint.

Exceptionally rich and highly atmospheric hand titled proof printed in warm brown ink, with extensive painterly use of plate tone. Inscribed ďA Cardinalís Palace No.IĒ. (It is worth noting that whilst Hausberg's catalogue provides a basic reference framework for the prints of Clifford Addams, her cataloguing of the various state changes is woefully inadequate and often completely inaccurate in the order in which states are defined.)

Unique early trial proof impression from the artistís own personal collection.

A Cardinalís Palace, Venice is one of the most complex of Clifford Addamsí Venetian plates in the style of Whistler. Not only did he take this plate through a number of extensive variations in its three basic states, but also he went on to use this composition to produce his etching of Dressmakerís Balcony, Venice. It remains one of Clifford Addamsí finest etched works.

On pale cream wove paper with full margins and deckle edge. Generally very good original condition, image surface excellent.