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Percival Gaskell

1868 - 1934

The Forest by Percival Gaskell

The Forest  

  Original mezzotint
Signed in pencil.
S 337 x 442 mm; P 227 x 305 mm; I 205 x 289 mm
Original Percival Gaskell mezzotint.

Excellent signed proof impression with burr, wiped to produce the effect of twilight throughout the scene. A beautiful example from the only published edition.

The choice of the pure mezzotint medium for this subject, combined with deliberate blurring when inking the plate for each impression, has enabled the artist to capture the effect of twilight in this marvellous, atmospheric scene. Percival Gaskell made his first experiments as an artist amongst the hills and dales of his native Yorkshire and many of his finest printed works hark back to these landscapes. Few British printmakers have managed to capture the timeless beauty of landscape through the mezzotint medium so perfectly as Percival Gaskell has done in The Forest.

The magnificent printed works of the Yorkshire artist, Percival Gaskell have only been fully rediscovered in recent years. Gaskell rose to prominence whilst working together with Sir Frank Short in the engraving school at the Royal College of Art in London during the first two decades of the 20th century. A true painter-printmaker, Percival Gaskell developed a sensitivity to atmospheric tone which is displayed in an air of timeless beauty throughout his printed works.

On warm cream China paper applied to original white wove backing sheet with wide margins. Minor foxing in margins, otherwise very good original condition.