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James McBey

1883 - 1959

The Dead Sea by James McBey

The Dead Sea   1921

  Original drypoint.
Signed and numbered in ink.
Ref: Hardie 206
S 274 x 407 mm; P & I 199 x 300 mm
Outstanding proof impression printed in dark brown ink on blue-toned paper. From the only edition of 76 signed and numbered proofs.

An especially fine impression with rich drypoint burr.

This etching shows a patrol embarking at the northern edge of the Dead Sea on a moonlit night. In the foreground are boats abandoned by the Turks which have been holed with bayonet gashes. In the distance are the hills of Moab. Dated in the image 23 March 1918, this plate, like all of James McBey’s desert war subjects, was not worked up and completed until some years after the war was over.

On blue-toned antique laid paper with full margins. With unidentified collector’s stamp “HGF” at margin verso. Very fine original condition.