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Berenice Sydney

1944 - 1983

Stream by Berenice Sydney

Stream   1972

  Original colour lithograph and aquatint, printed with embossing.
Signed, inscribed and dated in pencil.
S 805 x 584 mm; P & I 500 x 402 mm
Unique artist’s proof impression. No published edition of this work was ever issued and we have been unable to locate any other extant impression.

Superb proof impression with delicate pastel background colour, bright highlights, and pronounced three-dimensional embossing.

In this brilliant three-dimensional colour print of Stream, Berenice Sydney reached the pinnacle of her technical innovation as an original printmaker. A beautifully spontaneous and vivacious composition, this work was designed to evoke alternative worlds in space. Berenice Sydney’s experiments of this nature have been described as creating her own “floating cosmos”. The exploding plains of this liberated work express joy, exhilaration, and the artist’s extraordinary freedom of spirit.

Berenice Sydney’s works obvious period were designed to explore the possibilities of suspended movement, flowing shapes hanging in infinity, immobilised but forever in orbit. It was through colour that Berenice found much of her greatest expression, for through mobile rhythms of colour she could create syncopated themes to compose a form of animated visual ballet. Her works of this order are profoundly expressive, satisfying, and possessed with the very energy of life itself.

On warm white wove paper with full margins and deckle edge. Signed, dated and inscribed “AP” recto. Very fine original condition. Image surface excellent.