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Frederick Carter

1883 - 1967

Symphonie Polichinelle by Frederick Carter

Symphonie Polichinelle   1911

  Original etching.
Signed and inscribed in pencil.
Ref: Clark 28 i/ii
S 375 x 253 mm; P & I 233 x 154 mm
Original Fredrick Carter etching.

One of only 50 early proof impressions printed in the first state, before the plate was cut down for the normal edition (Clark describes the two different states of this plate as "large" and "small"). From the artist's own private collection.

Perhaps the most bizzare of all of Frederick Carter's etchings concerning the malicious character Polichinelle from the Italian Commedia dell' Arte. Polichinelle personified a sardonic and unscrupulous character, full of joyous rascality, jumping into quarrels with mighty thumps of his club, brimming with malice and mischief, full of mirth and cunning, ironic and sarcastic, a hero full of rage and cynical humour.

The background to the subject of this plate is unknown; however, Frederick Carter has captured the ugly and mischievous character of this strange hero of the Italian comedy perfectly in this bizarre symphony.

On fibrous laid Japan-style paper with full margins. Very good condition.