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Sir David Young Cameron

1865 - 1945

Yvon by David Young Cameron

Yvon   1911

  Original etching with drypoint.
Signed and numbered in pencil.
Ref: Rinder 425 i/iv
S 340 x 189 mm; P & I 267 x 127 mm
Original D.Y. Cameron etching with drypoint.

Rare, early working proof in the 1st state (of 4). Superb, rich impression, printed with tone. The fresh burr of the drypoint lines printing a deep velvety black. Signed and numbered I by the artist in pencil.

This rare first state proof is prior to the removal of the heavy shadow from the right-hand wall of the restaurant and from the windows of the house at the extreme right of the image. In the subsequent states a large bracket was added, projecting from the corner of the building to the left of the scene.

This unusual view in Chartres is one of the few architectural subjects which Sir David Young Cameron produced during his later years as a printmaker. At about this time he turned ever-increasingly to his native Scottish landscapes and towards the use of pure drypoint in place of etching.

On fine simile Japan paper with margins. One rust particle in the image, otherwise very good condition.