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Paul Sandby

1731 – 1809

Carey Castle in Pembroke Shire by Paul Sandby

Carey Castle in Pembroke Shire   1774

  Original aquatint with etching
Signed and dated in the plate.
S 310 x 468 mm; P 240 x 315 mm; I (outer border) 225 x 302 mm
Beautiful, tonal impression with the early sky, prior to reworking. Printed in dark brown ink, as published by Paul Sandby himself in his first Welsh Series, entitled XII Views in South Wales. Early impressions in dark brown ink, such as this, are now scarce.

One of the first aquatint plates made by Paul Sandby, this elaborate view of Carey Castle is executed in almost pure aquatint, depending on only the slightest suggestion of etched line for the development of the image. Paul Sandby moved away from this comparatively purist approach for his later views in his Welsh series, finding it easier to create contrast using the dark, heavy appearance of etched work set against the comparatively delicate lighter shades of aquatint. Carey Castle in Pembroke Shire remains one of the most pleasing of all of Paul Sandby’s aquatint views and represents a fascinating example of the artist’s experimentation with his newly found technique.

On antique laid paper with indistinct watermark. Full sheet with wide margins beyond platemark on all sides, as issued. Excellent original condition.