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Joseph Mallord William Turner

1775 – 1851

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives   1835

  Line engraving with etching by J.B. Allen.
Ref: Rawlinson 587, Engraver’s Proof ‘b’.
S 262 x 341 mm; P 175 x 252 mm; I 95 x 141 mm
Exceptional Engraver’s Proof ‘b’, on fine applied India paper. Rare in this form.

Brilliant impression with sparkling line and superb tonal variation. Although apparently unlettered, this outstanding proof is Rawlinson’s Engraver’s Proof ‘b’, showing the artists’ names in italic writing inked faintly beneath the centre of the image.

One of the most beautiful of the highly skilled fine line engravings made after J.M.W.Turner’s work for Finden’s Landscape Illustrations of the Bible. Proofs, such as this, became so sought after that a single impression of this quality could command a greater price than the entire pair of volumes containing the full set of normal published impressions of the line engravings.

On fine India paper applied to original warm white wove backing sheet, with full margins. Very faint foxing in outer margins of backing sheet only. Image surface excellent.