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Edward Julius Detmold

1883 – 1957

Peacocks (large plate) by Edward Julius Detmold

Peacocks (large plate)   c.1925

  Original drypoint.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Post Campbell Dodgson
S 433 x 506 mm; P 323 x 415 mm; I 317 x 410 mm
Original E.J. Detmold drypoint.

Excellent impression with fresh drypoint burr, from the only edition.

Peacocks are a recurring subject throughout E.J. Detmold’s work, the complexity of patterns offered by their elaborate plumage holding a natural appeal for this brilliant bird painter. This particular drypoint plate of Peacocks is the largest original print of these birds ever made by the artist and is the only version to be worked in drypoint, rather than etching or line engraving. The direct nature of the drypoint technique has imparted a striking vivacity to this image, with its splendid subjects forming a beautifully balanced compostion.

On fine simile-Japan paper with wide margins and deckle edge. Very faint time tone to sheet, otherwise generally very good original condition.