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Ethel Gabain

1883 - 1950

The Patch by Ethel Gabain

The Patch   1915

  Original lithograph.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Wright 171
S 420 x 280 mm; I 393 x 206 mm
Original Ethel Gabain lithograph.

Beautiful impression from the only edition of about 24 signed proofs of the completed image, printed by Ethel Gabain herself.

This elegant lithograph displays Ethel Gabain’s unique ability to depict sentiment. Indeed, there is a poignant charm to this stylish portrait of a young woman sitting in pensive solitude, which is specific to this artist’s lithographs.

The subject of a woman sitting at a window, set against the background of a curtain, recurs throughout Ethel Gabain’s work. The unusual vertical composition, in which both figure and curtains are almost continuous, differentiated only by pattern, enhances the mood of thoughtful reflection which pervades this touching work.

Half French by birth, Ethel Gabain has imparted her characteristic stylishness to this intimate scene. Ethel Gabain almost invariably drew direct upon the stone and printed her own editions, considering this to be the only way in which the artist could achieve perfect results. The impressive quality of this fine proof impression attests to the accuracy of this belief.

On fine Japan paper with full margins. Some minor foxing, otherwise very fine original condition. From the collection of K.M. Guichard and with his stamp in the outer margin, verso.