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Ethel Gabain

1883 - 1950

L’Aube by Ethel Gabain

L’Aube   1921

  Original lithograph.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Wright 226
S 413 x 287 mm; I 333 x 226 mm
Original Ethel Gabain lithograph.

Strong impression from the only edition of 24 signed proofs of the completed image, printed by Ethel Gabain herself. The stone for this lithograph is known to have been effaced.

L’Aube, or First Light, depicts two young revellers, after a night of partying, on the streets of Paris as the first light of dawn begins to break. Ethel Gabain has used the motif of vertical railings to divide the image in an almost theatrical manner, but also to reunite the composition by using their broken relfection to create the effect of rainwater upon the wet pavement in the foreground.

The care with which the artist has applied the ink for this outstanding proof impression is exceptional. Both Ethel Gabain and her husband, John Copley, regarded the inking and printing of their lithographic stones as a continuation of the creative process, believing that the artist alone can bring out the finest qualities in his or her drawing. The superb tonal balance and atmospheric effects of lighting throughout this outstanding proof impression confirms their belief.

On fine Japan paper with full margins and deckle edge. Very fine original condition. From the collection of the notable authority on British printmaking, K.M. Guichard and with his stamp in the outer margin, verso.