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Samuel Palmer

1805 – 1881

The Sepulchre by Samuel Palmer

The Sepulchre   1880/83

  Original etching by Samuel Palmer, completed by his son.
Ref: Lister E16 ii/iv
S 214 x 312 mm; P 132 x 189 mm; I 100 x 152 mm
Extremely strong impression with pronounced etched line, as issued for An English Version of the Eclogues of Virgil in 1883.

Samuel Palmer had planned a series of ten etched illustrations to accompany the publication of his translation of An English Version of the Eclogues of Virgil as his last major project. However, by the time of his death in 1881, only one etching had been completed.

Of the four plates which Samuel Palmer left in an advanced state upon his death, The Sepulchre is thought to have been one of the two most complete. As with The Cypress Grove there is debate that Samuel Palmer left this plate either completed, or virtually completed, upon his death as proofs signed in pencil by him are said to exist. Certainly, A.H. Palmer’s contribution towards finishing this plate is likely to have been negligible; though any details which he did add will have been according to his father's instructions.

This etching was designed to accompany Samuel Palmer’s translation of Virgil’s verse:
And while the troubled moon shrunk in and set,
Th’ earth trembled, and the starless heaven was jet,
With such as I am crumbling in my hand,
Could he the sad and shadowy past command
At will, and while my senses crept with dread,
From a deep sepulchre call up the dead.

On cream laid paper with wide margins. Excellent original condition.