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Hedley Fitton

1857 - 1929

Roslin Chapel, near Edinburgh
(Interior of Rosslyn Chapel) by Hedley Fitton

Roslin Chapel, near Edinburgh (Interior of Rosslyn Chapel)   1911

  Original etching
Signed in pencil.
Fuller pp.156-157; Dunthorne 36
S 579 x 425 mm; P & I 427 x 290 mm
Original Hedley Fitton etching.

Excellent signed proof impression with strong etched line and exceptional clarity in the detailed passages of etched work. From the only edition.

The extraordinary detail found in this remarkable etching is characteristic of Hedley Fitton’s finest works. An exceptional architectural draughtsman, Hedley Fitton designed his etched works around the strength of their draughtsmanship, rather than creating visual effects through multiple biting and effects of inking and printing techniques. The result is compositions which are always beautifully balanced and harmonious in design.

This etching shows the elaborately carved ‘Prentice Pillar’ with dragons chained together sculpted on the base and between that and the capital four different wreaths of flowers and foliage of marvellous delicacy. This pillar is said to have been created by the master mason’s apprentice using only a model of the pillar sent from Rome as his guide. The master mason had gone to Rome to see the original pillar, thinking it impossible to work successfully from a model alone. When he returned to see his apprentice’s astonishing success, the master mason became inflamed with envy and slew the apprentice. As part of the murderous master's punishment, his face was carved into a corner of the chapel from where it would have to stare, forevermore, at the magnificent work of his apprentice.

Rosslyn Chapel (now Roslin), has recently become a particular attraction for tourists, having been the setting of the climactic scene in the controversial best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code.

On pale cream laid paper, watermarked F J Head & Co, with full margins and deckle edge. Very fine condition.