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George Mackley

1900 - 1983

Horse Pond by George Mackley

Horse Pond   1942

  Original wood engraving.
Signed and titled in pencil.
Gresham catalogue p.85
S 193 x 212 mm; I 129 x 153 mm
Brilliant signed proof impression with beautiful clarity of line.

In this image George Mackley shows how wood engraving is essentially an exercise in the manipulation of light. George Mackley carried this concept throughout the creative process, to the printing of the block itself. He was extremely particular about the fine grade of paper used for printing his proofs in order to capture precisely the quality of light intended. This outstanding example of his craftsmanship demonstrates beautifully the shimmering silver greys which George Mackley achieved through the skilful variation in density and balance of the finest engraved lines.

On fine simile Japan paper paper with full margins and deckle edge. Slight disturbance to sheet at extreme upper right edge of image, otherwise very fine condition.