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Sir Henry John Fanshawe Badeley


Lucifer by Henry John Fanshawe Badeley

Lucifer   1926

  Original line engraving.
Signed and titled in pencil.
Ref: Wilson & Lee, p.2
S 181 x 127 mm; P & I 136 x 95 mm
Very fine signed proof impression from the artist’s own personal collection. The artist’s finest independent engraving.

Sir Henry John Fanshawe Badeley, is best known for his exceptional line engraved bookplates, his few independent engravings being comparatively rare. Lucifer is unquestionably Badeley’s finest independent engraving. This striking allegorical work, originally entitled Exiled, is one of a small group of related subjects, which include Cain and Abel and The Prodigal Son (1924). Upon its release in 1926, his engraving of Lucifer was his single most expensive print, priced at the then considerable sum of 4 guineas.

On warm white laid paper watermarked 1800, with margins as prepared by the artist. Very fine condition.