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Stephen F. Gooden

1892 – 1955

Satyrs by Stephen F. Gooden

Satyrs   1937

  Original line engraving.
Signed, inscribed and dated in pencil.
Ref: Campbell Dodgson 19 v/v
S 325 x 257 mm; P 157 mm diameter; I 151 mm diameter
Original Stephen Gooden line engraving.

Outstanding presentation proof, aside from the only published edition of 109 numbered impressions issued by the Print Collectors’ Club. Signed and inscribed in pencil by the artist "To Mona".

A particularly beautiful impression with exceptional clarity of line. This engraving was designed and engraved by Stephen Gooden as an independent print.

Stephen Gooden was the leading exponent of the re-introduction of original line engraving to England during the 1920’s. He produced few independent engravings, the main body of his work being book illustrations for the private presses and privately commissioned bookplates. His most famous bookplates were engraved as private plates for the English Royal Family.

A superb example of Stephen Gooden’s highly finished line engraving technique, Satyrs is one of the artist’s three largest independent plates. The meticulous handling of Stephen Gooden’s works moved the famous print connoisseur Campbell Dodgson to write: “Rare in these days of haste and impatience, in which the slow achievement of perfection in any branch of art is out of fashion, is the diligent craftsmanship which has produced (these) exquisite engravings…”.

On cream laid paper with full margins and deckle edge. Excellent original condition.