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Paul Sandby

1731 – 1809

[Landscape with a group of travellers] by Paul Sandby

[Landscape with a group of travellers]   1758

  Original etching.
Signed and dated in the plate.
S 289 x 360 mm; P 176 x 229 mm; I 161 x 215 mm
Very fine impression with clear etched line.

Paul Sandby was one of the earliest exponents of original etching in this country. Paul Sandby's first etchings date from the time when he was working as the chief draughtsman of the Ordnance Survey of Scotland (1747-1752). Upon his return to London in the spring of 1752, Sandby severed his ties with the Board of Ordnance and began to establish himself as a professional artist. Paul Sandby’s original etchings represent some of his finest work in the first decade after his return to London. Landscape with a group of travellers is a particularly fine example of Paul Sandby’s romantic interpretation of landscape and is one of his finest etchings from this flourishing period.

Paul Sandby is widely accredited as being the artist who introduced the ‘picturesque’ to English landscape art, though the connection between Paul Sandby’s work and the landscape works of Thomas Gainsborough is clearly apparent in this masterly etching, which also recalls the European influences upon his work. This etching is one of a group of six plates of similar format issued by Paul Sandby in 1758; impressions from the 1758 edition are exceptionally rare – this impression is from the second edition, as published by Ryland & Byer in 1765.

On cream laid antique paper, with margins. Generally very fine original condition.