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Joseph Webb

1908 - 1962

A Buckinghamshire Lane by Joseph Webb

A Buckinghamshire Lane   1931

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Guichard 32
S 147 x 200 mm; P & I 101 x 151mm
Scarce. Very fine signed proof impression with exceptional clarity and excellent tonal range.

There is a strange sense of mystic power which pervades even the most humble of Joseph Webb’s architectural landscapes. This beautifully crafted vision entitled A Buckinghamshire Lane stems from the same pastoral tradition which spawned the early etchings of Graham Sutherland and Paul Drury. It is notable that this etching features the same form of highly stylised dove found in both versions of Paul Drury’s Evening, and in Graham Sutherland’s etched works May Green, Wood Interior and Wood End, all of roughly the same period as the present work and all featuring a cottage standing at the edge of a wood. A Buckinghamshire Lane is an absorbing work of quiet yet spiritual beauty.

On cream laid paper with full margins. Very slight distortion towards upper left corner of sheet due to pressure of printing. Lower platemark very slightly supported verso where weakened due to the pressure of Joseph Webb’s printing, otherwise very fine original condition.