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Joseph Mallord William Turner

1775 – 1851

Antiquities at Pola by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Antiquities at Pola   1818

  Etching by W.B. Cooke.
With both artists’ names in the plate.
Ref: Rawlinson 162, open etching.
S 427 x 572 mm; P 278 x 379 mm; I 180 x 272 mm
Extremely rare open etching, prior to the introduction of almost all of the line engraved work.

Outstanding early working proof, the image only partially completed – Rawlinson’s ‘Open Etching’ state. In this state the engraved lettering is prior to the earliest described by Rawlinson, being before the introduction of the date 1818.

The completed plate, finished in line engraving, was the only work by J.M.W.Turner to be issued in Thomas Allason’s Antiquities at Pola, published in 1819. Based upon a drawing made by J.M.W.Turner from sketches by Allason, this elaborate architectural work is rare in all forms prior to publication. No impression of this engraving is held in the Turner collection at the Tate Gallery, London. This exceptionally early working impression is an India paper proof printed on unusually large, imperial folio paper.

An elaborate study of this particular etching with engraving, written by Cecilia Powell, may be found in ‘Turner's Antiquities at Pola: the art of construction practically arranged’ in Turner Studies, vol.4, no. 1, 1984, pages 39-43.

Generally very fine original condition. Image surface excellent.