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Joseph Webb

1908 - 1962

Landscape of River Valley by Joseph Webb

Landscape of River Valley   c.1938

  Original etching.
Ref: Not recorded by Guichard.
S 332 x 485 mm; P & I  270 x 423 mm
Apparently unfinished, this is one of Webb’s largest etchings. Numbered from the edition of only 30 proofs printed by Clive Vosper in 1987 and with Beryl Gascoigne’s estate stamp recto. Inscribed by the printer in pencil “Third edition. Printed by Clive Vosper 1987 from a plate by Joseph Webb. Landscape, River Scene”. An edition of 10 impressions had been printed by Vosper in 1985.

Deeply religious in his sentiments, Joseph Webb shared Griggs’ fascination for the ancient architecture of Britain’s early churches and the dominant feature of this etching, namely the chapel which oversees the valley and habitations of men laid out below, appears complete. A stream issues from beside the chapel, flowing down to feed the river upon which all life in the valley depends. This implication of the importance of Christianity seems wholly appropriate to Joseph Webb’s deeply religious vision of the English landscape. However, there is a mystic power which prevails in this design which is distinct from both the pagan lyricism of Samuel Palmer and from the severe Christianity of Griggs’ carefully worked plates.

Strong, clean wiped impression on warm white wove paper, watermarked Arches France, with full margins and deckle edge. Excellent condition.