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William Spencer Bagdatopoulos

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The Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer   c.1924

Original drypoint.

One of only 4 proofs ever printed.

Superb signed proof impression with exceptionally rich drypoint burr. From the only edition of 4 signed and numbered proofs.



William Spencer Bagdatopoulos was one of the most accomplished of the English-based original printmakers to follow the example of Marius Bauer in search of Indian and oriental subject matter. Born in Zante, Greece, Bagdatopoulos spent his childhood in Holland, Bauer’s native land. By the age of 20 he had established a considerable reputation as an artist in London. He travelled extensively, including to India and Egypt. In his early years he was preoccupied with painting and pastels; however, as his abilities grew he turned increasingly to the more demanding discipline of printmaking, producing a considerable body of works in both etching and drypoint. [more]