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John Nicolson

  1891 - 1951
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[Landscape with Cows]

[Landscape with Cows]   c.1917

Original etching.

Very good signed proof impression from the only edition.


Evening, Loch Lomond

Evening, Loch Lomond  

Original drypoint.

Particularly rich signed proof impression with fresh drypoint burr.


The Gate sold

The Gate   c.1928

Original lithograph.

Beautiful signed proof impression from the only edition.
Scarce - John Nicolsonís few original lithographs were generally printed in very small editions, rarely exceeding twelve proofs.


Siesta, St. Jean-de-Luz sold

Siesta, St. Jean-de-Luz   1924-25

Original drypoint.

Outstandingly rich impression with exceptionally fresh drypoint burr.
Signed proof from the only edition of 100 impressions.



The delightful rural works of John Nicolson share the spirit and style of his great friend and fellow printmaker Edmund Blampied. Both artists had been students together whilst at the London County Council Art School at Bolt Court, where both had learnt the arts of etching and engraving. More than this, Blampied had shared a house with John Nicolson and his wife in south London for some considerable time and during this period the two artists worked closely together. Both shared a common enthusiasm for horses and other farm animals, but especially for the working farm horse in its natural environment, and both developed remarkably similar graphic styles.

Like Edmund Blampied, John Nicolson possessed an exceptional natural talent as a printmaker; however, his sensitively drawn graphic works display a truly naturalistic charm which is distinct from Blampiedís manner and which reveals a deep passion for the true rural scene. [more]