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Maxime Lalanne

  1827 - 1886
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A Neuilly, (Seine)

A Neuilly, (Seine)   1863/4

Original etching.

Particularly fine first issue impression with the collector’s stamp of the prominent French collector, Alfred Lebrun.

This peaceful etched view shows a stretch of the river Seine at Neuilly, to the North West of Paris, just outside the city centre.


Dans le Port de Bordeaux

Dans le Port de Bordeaux   1869

Original etching.

Very fine impression with delicate plate tone. First issue, as published by Cadart and Luce.

The port of Bordeaux was Maxime Lalanne’s birthplace and features regularly in his works.


Vue du Bas-Meudon, Bords de la Seine sold

Vue du Bas-Meudon, Bords de la Seine   1884

Original etching.

Very good impression on ‘India’ paper, as published in P.G. Hamerton’s Landscape (Seeley & Co., London, 1885). This is the only known state of this fine original etching by Maxime Lalanne.



Born in Bordeaux, Maxime Lalanne came to Paris in 1852 at the time when Baron Haussmann was about to begin his massive redevelopment, sweeping away whole areas of the medieval parts of the city. Primarily a draughtsman, Lalanne was naturally fascinated by the changing architecture of the city which was to inspire his most celebrated etched works.

His first published etchings appeared in 1863 through the Société des Aquafortistes - the newly founded body intended to promote the art of original etching, established that same year by Cadart, Delâtre and Félix Bracquemond, and which Maxime Lalanne joined upon its inception. [more]