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The Reverend Edward Thomas Daniell

1804 - 1842

Craigmillar Castle, Scotland by Edward Thomas Daniell

Craigmillar Castle, Scotland  

  Original drypoint.
Initialled and dated in the plate.
Ref: Bolingbroke 34
S 99 x 161 mm; P & I 93 x 155 mm
Original E.T. Daniell drypoint.

Extremely rare early proof state, before the horizontal lines indicating water were introduced at the lower right of the image.

A truly superb impression with the exceptionally rich drypoint burr found only in the very first impressions taken from a freshly worked drypoint plate. Printed with delicate plate tone.

The Reverend Edward Thomas Daniell excelled in his use of drypoint – indeed, E.T. Daniell and D.C. Read, were two of the very few Englishmen to carry the use of drypoint as a creative medium through to the Victorian period. Drypoint had first been employed in England by Thomas Worlidge and Benjamin Wilson, and in Scotland by Andrew Geddes and David Wilkie. However, its usage was by no means extensive and may well have been lost to future generations had it not been for the influence of such skilled demonstrations of its unique qualities as are displayed by E.T. Daniell’s beautifully handled works such as this lifetime proof impression of Craigmillar Castle.

The ruins of Craigmillar Castle lie only three miles to the south east of Edinburgh. It was once a favourite residence of Mary Queen of Scots. Daniell is thought to have visited the ruins during his walking tour of Scotland with Head and Denison.

On warm white wove paper with narrow margins. Very fine original condition. Extensively inscribed in pencil by a previous collector, verso.

Provenance: Collections of Chambers Hall; C.S. Bale; J.P. Heseltine.