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William Walcot

1874 – 1943

Newcastle Central Station by William Walcot

Newcastle Central Station   1921

  Original etching with drypoint and aquatint.
Signed in pencil.
S 215 x 274 mm; P 97 x 149 mm; I 89 x 141 mm
Original William Walcot etching with drypoint and aquatint.

Very good impression printed with considerable plate tone in brownish-black ink. Signed proof from the only edition.

William Walcot’s architectural training and foreign upbringing gave him a very individual view concerning the buildings which he considered to be of significance in a given city – in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it was the imposing structure of the Great Central Station which was to be the object of his attention. In etchings such as this, William Walcot’s aim was not just to record a topographical view, but to capture the living spirit of the city and its architecture in much the same way as he created his imaginary visions of ancient Rome.

On cream wove paper with full margins and deckle edge, with the embossed date stamp of 1921. Very fine original condition.