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Frederick Carter

1883 - 1967

The Daimon by Frederick Carter

The Daimon   1918

  Original wood engraving by Frederick Carter and W.M.R. Quick.
S 254 x 177 mm; I 83 x 43 mm
Original Fredrick Carter wood engraving.

Very rare lifetime proof impression, from the artistís personal collection. An early proof, prior to publication in Frederick Carter, Twenty Drawings (1918).

This wood engraving is Frederick Carterís symbolic representation of a Daimon, the ancient Greek concept of a divine spirit unique to every person which gives that person good luck or bad luck. This concept gave rise to the notion of daimones as intermediate beings between gods and men, and has led to their being interpreted as a spiritual personification of a person's character. A person's daimon may be on their side and bring good luck, or they may be struggling against their daimon. The idea was extended to include daimones as evil spirits or 'demons'.

Proof impressions from Frederick Carterís blocks are very rare, the few proofs printed during Frederick Carterís lifetime having been solely for private use or for distribution amongst the artistís personal friends. This design was drawn directly onto the prepared wood block by Frederick Carter; the block was then cut and worked in detail by either Carter himself or his assistant, W.M.R. Quick, to produce the finished wood engraving.

On simile Japan paper, with full margins and deckle edge. Very good original condition.