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Samuel Palmer

1805 – 1881

The Homeward Star by Samuel Palmer

The Homeward Star   1880/83

  Original etching by Samuel Palmer, completed by his son.
Ref: Lister E14 ii/iv
S 210 x 312 mm; P 133 x 189 mm; I 100 x 151 mm
Particularly fine, bright impression, as issued for An English Version of the Eclogues of Virgil in 1883.

Samuel Palmer had planned a series of ten etched illustrations to accompany the publication of his translation of An English Version of the Eclogues of Virgil as his last major project. However, by the time of his death in 1881, only one etching had been completed. He left the plate of The Homeward Star and three other etched plates in an advanced state, but still uncompleted. The final details of this etched work were completed by A.H. Palmer according to his father’s instructions.

This etching was designed to accompany Samuel Palmer’s translation of the following passage from Virgil’s verse:
Ripe apples are our supper, cream unstirr’d,
Boil’d chestnuts, plenty of the sweeten’d curd:
See, glimmering in the West, the homeward star:
And from the crest of upland towns afar,
The hearth-smoke rise; while gathering over all,
From the steep mountains greater shadows fall.

On cream laid paper with wide margins. Excellent original condition.