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Percival Gaskell

1868 - 1934

Solitude by Percival Gaskell

Solitude   c.1922

  Original aquatint.
Signed in pencil.
S 456 x 657 mm; P 327 x 499 mm; I 303 x 486 mm
Original Percival Gaskell aquatint.

Very good signed proof impression of this superb painterly aquatint. A beautiful example printed with full tonal range.

Solitude is Percival Gaskell’s largest aquatint plate. There is a peaceful magnificence to this masterpiece of atmospheric aquatint which is the hallmark of Percival Gaskell’s remarkable landscapes, setting them apart from other prints of their period. Here, the artist has transformed the bleak, open moorlands with a mysterious beauty as the solitary figure of a raven witnesses the majestic sunset which fills the image. The superb interpretation of the varied effects of light throughout the sky in this image is testament to Gaskell’s remarkable abilities with the aquatint medium.

The magnificent printed works of the Yorkshire artist, Percival Gaskell have only been fully rediscovered in recent years. Percival Gaskell rose to prominence whilst working together with Sir Frank Short in the engraving school at the Royal College of Art in London during the first two decades of the 20th century. A true painter-printmaker, Percival Gaskell developed a sensitivity to atmospheric tone which is displayed in an air of timeless beauty in this outstanding aquatint landscape.

On pale cream China paper applied to original warm white wove backing sheet, with wide margins. Mild suggestion of foxing in lower margin; some time tone verso, otherwise generally very good original condition.