Edgar L. Pattison


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The West London based drypoint engraver and colour printmaker, Edgar L. Pattison, specialised in middle eastern themes and images of the orient. A regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Arts between 1906 in 1935, his printed works were issued in editions of 175 impressions by the well-known London dealers Lefèvre.

A member of the Society of Graphic Artists, Edgar Pattison became especially interested in colour printmaking, using a combination of drypoint to delineate his basic image and aquatint for the larger areas of tonal colour. Each proof impression would be inked by hand ‘à la poupée’ and then printed in one single pull through the press. Although this can cause a slight blur to the edge of the masses of colour, it avoids the complicated and time consuming process of multiple printings with their inherent problems of registration.