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Sir George Clausen

  1852 - 1944
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Hay Barn

Hay Barn   c.1895

Original lithograph.

Very rare. A superb pencil signed proof impression of one of George Clausen’s finest lithographs, printed on specially prepared dark brown paper.



Sir George Clausen is often regarded as England's only true successor of Millet both in style and subject matter, the majority of his art revolving around the subject of farm labourers and their work. Although widely recognised as one of the most significant figures in post-Impressionist British painting, George Clausen is still relatively obscure as a printmaker. This is largely due to the small number of prints he made, and to the fact that no serious study has yet been completed on this excellent body of work.

Aside from experimenting with etching and drypoint, George Clausen made a number of lithographs for the master printer, Frederick Goulding. In a letter of 1923, Clausen recalled that Goulding had been trying to revive the art of lithography and had asked a number of artists, including Clausen, to make drawings on specially prepared paper which were then transferred to lithographic stones. Lithographs produced using this transfer method, create an image which has all of the natural quality of a wax crayon drawing. Extremely few impressions of these early lithographs are known, as they were never issued in any form of published edition. [more]