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James Northcote

  1746 - 1831
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Bacchus accompanied by a Leopard and a Tiger

Bacchus accompanied by a Leopard and a Tiger   c.1798

Original etching.

Extremely rare original etching by James Northcote.



James Northcote was famous throughout his long and productive life as a portrait painter, a history painter, and for his outstanding depictions of wild animals. Original prints by his hand are extremely rare, most prints of his designs having been produced by professional reproductive engravers.

James Northcote is one of the most notable links between the 18th and 19th centuries in British art. Born during the reign of George II, he lived to paint the portrait of John Ruskin, and exhibited with both Sir Joshua Reynolds and with J.M.W. Turner. He began his artistic career as an apprentice and drapery painter in the household of Sir Joshua Reynolds from whence he progressed to set himself up as a portrait painter. James Northcote's art was heavily influenced by a two year stay in Italy and he returned to London to establish a reputation in history painting, while continuing to paint portraits as a means of income.

James Northcote was fortunate to enjoy unimpaired faculties until the very end of his long life and continued to paint in all of his chosen fields until he died. [more]