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Sir John Charles Robinson

1824 Ė 1913

Hastings: All Saintsí Church and the East Cliff from Croft by John Charles Robinson

Hastings: All Saintsí Church and the East Cliff from Croft   1872

  Original etching.
Signed in the plate.
Ref: Hind 5 ii/ii
S 244 x 337 mm; P 208 x 265 mm; I 202 x 260 mm
Superb impression of one of Robinsonís finest etchings.

This essentially Victorian etching by Sir J.C. Robinson forms an unique link between three distinct threads in British etching:- the idyllic pastoral world of Samuel Palmer; the typical etched work of the Victorian period; and the expressive, open freedom of the pioneering works of the British Etching Revival.

In this distinctly English scene a Victorian lady and her dog, neither of whom would be out of place in a genre painting of the period, have been placed in an idyllic rustic setting which is wholly in keeping with the pastoral spirit of Palmerís art. These figures and the atmospheric distant view beyond the church are clearly derived from the work of Sir J.C.Robinsonís contemporary and close friend, Sir Francis Seymour Haden Ė the leading pioneer of the British Etching Revival. All of these elements have been enclosed within a heavily worked composition which fills the plate in a claustrophobic manner characteristic of Victorian art. In his subsequent etched work J.C.Robinson moved gradually away from the Victorian tradition towards the open freedom of the modernisers, concentrating his efforts in original etching specifically upon the depiction of weather and atmospheric effects.

All of the etched works of Sir John Charles Robinson are now rare. During his lifetime, few of J.C.Robinsonís prints were ever offered for sale to the general public, the majority being privately distributed solely amongst the artistís personal friends.

On fine simile Japan paper with margins. Excellent original condition.