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Sir Frank Short

1857 - 1945

Gathering the Flock on Maxwell Bank (No.1) by Frank Short

Gathering the Flock on Maxwell Bank (No.1)   1892

  Original etching with soft ground etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Hardie 272 ii/iii
S 191 x 285 mm; P & I 147 x 221 mm
Superb signed proof impression printed on special blue toned paper.

Designed originally as an almost minimalist sketch directly onto a much smaller-scale plate, Gathering the Flock on Maxwell Bank was a subject which occupied Frank Short over many years. This large plate (which should strictly be called No.2) was begun entirely in open line etching. Frank Short then developed the composition further, adding the atmospheric effects of rain and shadows on the sea through soft ground etching. Many years later he returned to the plate, removing the sky seen here and converting the subject into a mezzotint which he published in 1939.

On special blue toned laid paper with margins. One or two isolated worm holes in outer margins only, otherwise very fine original condition.