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Sir Alfred James Munnings

1878 - 1959

On the Field by Alfred James Munnings

On the Field   1911

  Original drypoint.
Signed and inscribed in pencil.
S 152 x 254 mm; P & I 131 x 234 mm
Unique. Signed and inscribed by the artist in pencil “On the Field. Drypoint. One and only print. A.J. Munnings. 1911”.

Original prints by Sir Alfred Munnings are extremely rare. He produced only a very few etchings and drypoints – few, if any, of which were issued in published editions. The prints normally associated with Alfred Munnings’s work are the mass-produced photographic reproductions after his paintings, which the artist signed in enormous numbers. Original hand-made drypoints, such as this, are so rare today as to be virtually unknown.

Although no details are available concerning his work as an original printmaker, the rapid, sketchy nature of this unique drypoint would imply that this work was drawn directly by the artist on to the plate, without the aid of a preparatory drawing.

On soft wove paper with margins. Traces of one horizontal crease crossing the sky area & some thinning at upper edge of sheet, otherwise generally very good condition.