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Stephen F. Gooden

1892 – 1955

Diana by Stephen F. Gooden

Diana   1940

  Original line engraving.
Campbell Dodgson 21 iv/iv
S 227 x 192 mm; P 144 mm diameter; I 139 mm diameter.
Original Stephen Gooden line engraving.

Particularly fine trial proof impression of the freshly completed engraving, prior to the only published edition of 110 signed proofs issued as the annual presentation plate for the Print Club of Rochester, New York.

This exceptional engraving was designed and engraved by Stephen Gooden as an independent plate, commissioned by the Print Club of Rochester, New York. A superb example of Stephen Gooden’s highly finished line engraving technique, Diana is one of the artist’s largest independent plates. The meticulous handling of Stephen Gooden’s works moved the famous print connoisseur Campbell Dodgson to write: “Rare in these days of haste and impatience, in which the slow achievement of perfection in any branch of art is out of fashion, is the diligent craftsmanship which has produced (these) exquisite engravings...”.

This engraving depicts Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon and of hunting, armed with her bow and quiver of arrows, out on the hunt with one of her dogs. The crescent moon, seen in the sky, is the traditional symbol of the goddess who is often depicted wearing a circlet or head-dress with the upturned crescent moon at its centre. One of the three virgin goddesses, along with Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry, Diana was considered to be the deity responsible for overseeing childbirth and for the protection of women.

The Print Club of Rochester website records that "This print was made under difficult war conditions...during its printing, the print shop was littered with broken glass from a bombing."

On cream wove paper with full margins. One tiny and unobtrusive blemish in paper near the lower tip of moon, otherwise very fine original condition.