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Clifford Addams

1876 - 1942

Blackfriars by Clifford Addams

Blackfriars   1914/1919

  Original etching and drypoint
Signed and dated in pencil.
Ref: Hausberg 40 vii/viii
S 229 x 445 mm; P & I 131 x 386 mm
Original Clifford Addams etching and drypoint.

Unique proof with a pencil ‘butterfly’ introduced by hand, near the centre of the foreground wall – from the artist’s own personal collection.

Outstanding signed proof impression of the completed composition before the plate was reduced; inscribed “A imp.” to denote that this impression was printed by the artist himself.

Clifford Addams’ choice of Thames subjects depicting the areas of the wharfs bordering the city of London, reflects the influence of his master and close personal friend, James McNeill Whistler. In this particular plate, Clifford Addams has carried this association further still, introducing flowers and sketches similar to Whistler’s trademark ‘butterfly’ in front of the shaded wall in the lower part of the plate. Like War Declared: Under Charing Cross Bridge this plate was begun in 1914, just before Clifford Addams signed up for active service, but was not completed until 1919 after the war was over.

On antique wove paper, with full margins and deckle edge. Very good original condition.