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William Walcot

1874 – 1943

The First Wooden Temple of Jupiter by William Walcot

The First Wooden Temple of Jupiter   1918

  Original etching and drypoint, with touches of aquatint.
Signed and inscribed in pencil.
Ref: Dickins 47
S 233 x 287 mm; P & I 125 x 176 mm
Original William Walcot etching and drypoint, with touches of aquatint.

Presentation proof, aside from the normal edition, signed and inscribed twice by William Walcot “To Mrs. Dunn, with the artist’s compliments. May 12, 1918”. A particularly fine impression printed in warm brownish-black ink with delicate plate tone.

William Walcot’s highly imaginative re-creations of ancient Rome are amongst the most famous of his prints. In these images it was not William Walcot’s intention to produce an archaeologically accurate description of the buildings depicted, nor did Walcot wish to depict them as picturesque ruins in the manner of the early Italian masters; rather his aim was to bring back to life a great epoch in history. With his mind’s eye he has designed the magnificent palaces of the Caesars and infused them with life and activity, as he believed they would have been at the height of their splendour, long before they crumbled and fell into decay.

When first exhibited at the James Connell & Sons show of 1918, this work was shown under the title An Etruscan Temple – Jupiter Capitolinus.

On cream laid F J Head & Co paper with full margins. Very fine original condition.